A Circuit for you

In Squamish? Try out this circuit that covers the Easy Chair to Animal Magnetism area. This is one example of some of the circuits I made up last year for the grand wall boulders in squamish. Feel free to print it off if you feel up for a good day out. feedback is welcome. thanks to peter michaux for the topos and sundev of the climbingcollective.com for his computer wits though he’d not be impressed with how i couldn’t figure out how to make this circuit a download so it’d be easier to print off! Though I did discover this way which just might work too though yer probably gonna have to copy paste.

Note: I bet by the time I wake up Sundev will have already fixed this the proper style. wink, wink.

link to circuit:

Click Here to View the Circuit

Circuiting is Awesome!

Respect the forest.




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