Lazy times between attempts

Moes Def

Moe’s Valley gets mixed reviews from the masses. Some think it is choss. . . and yeah, some of it is, but if you search around there are some really good boulder problems of all grades. Most importantly, the climbing at Moe’s is really fun with friendly holds requiring gymnastic moves linking them all together. Oh, and mostest importantlier (that’s proper grammar right?) the sun is almost always out.

A quick 2 day trip was in order last week, and as I rolled into town late, driving past motel after motel, I began to take note of the price of a room in St. George. 30 bucks will get you a bed (probably with invisible stains or sometimes very visible), a fridge(without beer), microwave(without can of chili), shower(probably with hidden camera) and basic cable television(hopefully with skinimax). Now, I have no problem sleeping in my car but if I can sleep in a bed for a price that matches my age . . . I’m all in.

I have one lofty goal at Moe’s Valley and I’m uncertain if I can complete it, although, I was able to do every move on it. . . which left me feeling, uh, how do I describe it, yeah i think this Caddyshack quote will express my emotions best:

“Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

Sticking the low crux of Escape Artist Low
Sticking the low crux of Escape Artist Low

After putting some work in on my project I strolled around the horseshoe valley climbing as many enjoyable lines as my skin could handle. I also laid around a lot.

Lazy times between attempts
Lazy times between attempts

Here is a video of Hueco Tanks like crimp line called Dead Rabbits that I was able to complete during my short stay.



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