First a little history…

Many factors contributed to the formation of The Collective. For years, Justin had bugged me about creating a blog for him. I threw one together early on, but didn’t put much effort into it and it never took off. A number of years later, I put together WikiBoulder, a communally editable bouldering guidebook site. This experience with location-centric data lead me to work on a project called Basetrack, a blog site tracking journalists and photojournalists in Afghanistan using a map and timeline like the one seen on this site. I realized this system would be perfect for a site such as this, following multiple climbers around the world. At the same time Scott and Pace expressed an interest in creating a blog, and with a lull in my workload, I went to work.


The aim of this site is to provide regular media updates with a focus on quality. Most climbing media sites throw up the latest news, and while we hope to do that as well, we also strive to make sure that content has more substance than what’s floating around the interweb these days.

The Future…

This is just the beginning. We want to start out simply so that we can get the ball rolling and test the waters. Once we’ve found our grounding, expect lots of updates. We want to integrate heavily with WikiBoulder so that accompanying the articles, you will also see relevant user submitted videos and guides. Eventually we hope to add a roped climbing guidebook creation site in a similar vein so that all you knot tiers won’t be left… hanging there. So, wish us luck and I hope you enjoy!

– Sundev


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