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pins and needles

  We had been planning this trip for months.  Katie and I had mentioned going to the needles earlier in the summer to Gleason, and he seemed interested.  It was a good trio because none of us had ever been … Continue reading


The air was warm, fresh and clean as were the roads and transpiring landscape. The trees were increasing in density and the size of the mountains was steadily rising as we headed south from Wyoming. We had finally arrived in … Continue reading

The John Muir Tree

“There is always something deeply exciting, not only in the sounds of winds in the woods, which exert more or less influence over every mind, but in their varied waterlike flow as manifested by the movements of the trees…” -John  … Continue reading

It’s always worth it

  The potential for first ascents has a way of drawing climbers in like moths to a flame (Pay attention now, that was foreshadowing.  Since moths will eventually get burned by the fire they desire, I may be hinting that … Continue reading

Staying Positive Through Injuries

I have been meaning to write a blog entry forever!  I have not been climbing as much as I would have liked to be lately due to an injury so I was not sure what I would talk about. Then … Continue reading

Euro Roof Low Start

Euro Roof Low V12 Second Ascent Much respect to Happy J for the first ascent of this beauty.

Ten Year Plan

the ten year plan When I was growing up in Chattanooga my good buddy Matt Sims used to tell me: “Benny Boy…if you fail to plan, plan to fail.”  Now, at the time I wasn’t sure what he meant, exactly, … Continue reading

Washington Apples

Sometimes when Chad Parkinson and I go on climbing trips together we don’t climb that much. It’s cool. We think it is funny and relish, in the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Mmmm, speaking of relish, on … Continue reading

Sublime Sending Summer

It’s the Fall Equinox and by all rights the summer should be over, but temps reaching higher than 100 degrees are telling me otherwise. The heat has me uninspired to climb although my body is craving the physical exertion; so, … Continue reading

Magic Ghosts and Science

Located an hour east of Seattle, Index Washington sits on the North Fork of the Skykomish River, just above its confluence with the main channel of the Skykomish a small river that the passing train crosses over on its way … Continue reading