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Squamish Days

I know summer in Squamish is long past and I am a little slow at getting certain things done, rather, slow at getting lots of things done, well I even tend to move and climb kind of slow but that’s … Continue reading

The Mysterious OR show

The bi-annual trip south that many a sponsored climber or wanna be sponsored climber take each year to the Outdoor Retailer show has never been on my to do list. The idea of wasting my own money to go and … Continue reading

The Season 2

Here is a preview of the upcoming series the Season filmed by Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall. It is a ongoing project that I have been awkwardly working on with them last year and this. Filming should wrap up at … Continue reading

The Best Around

I tell myself how great I am, how incredible I am, how I am the best around. Nothing’s ever gonna keep me down. I hear the title fight song in Karate Kid when Daniel-son takes on Jonny of Cobra Kai. … Continue reading

Falling Hurts

Since coming home from Europe this last spring, my climbing time has been limited. Between summer classes and work at the restaurant, I have found it hard to get out one, maybe two days a week. 12 weeks of French … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’

Whelp, it’s been a summer of purposefully not climbing much. Decided to take a proactive approach to injury prevention instead of a usual reactive stance on injury realization. Why climb in the summer heat of the sweaty ball sack that … Continue reading

On Za road. Again.

It was not the first year I had told myself that I would go to Colorado. No matter what happened, I would make it and every year, I bailed. This year when I returned to the horrendously wet and depressing … Continue reading


Without this harmony we are as Morihei Ueshiba says – stifled; but with this harmony we can achieve greatness, we can attain our goals, we are limitless. Continue reading

greenland videos

Here are a series of videos edited by Sean Villanueva-Odriscall of our piolet d or winning expedition to Greenland last summer. enjoy!

A Circuit for you

In Squamish? Try out this circuit that covers the Easy Chair to Animal Magnetism area. This is one example of some of the circuits I made up last year for the grand wall boulders in squamish. Feel free to print … Continue reading