Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert made her grand escape from the mud bogs and mosquito swarms of Louisiana to the rocks of the Eastern Sierra at the age of 24. After years of dabbling in the rock climbing world and working full-time jobs she finally had had enough of the rat-race and set off seeking bigger and better things – like a life spent living simply on the rocks. Yosemite became her base, where she learned the techniques to climb parallel cracks, dead vertical knobs, techy, polished face smears and slippery mantels. Through her years of living in the Sierra she has gotten to know the terrain well – with it’s rivers, lakes, domes and peaks. She continues to travel and explore the world’s climbing areas but always returns to the Sierra to test herself on the granite walls and the boulders. In recent years she, along with world-renown rock climber, Ron Kauk started a Yosemite based non-profit called Sacred Rok, where they take youth from California’s Central Valley and bring them into nature for them to experience it for themselves. Katie would say that rock climbing saved her life and it is through her sharing of stories and experiences that she hopes to inspire in others that same love of nature that she experiences on the rock.


Recent Posts

Seek and You Shall Find

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Mt.Proboscis all Free in a Day!

There was no grass, no trees, no single soft spot in the whole basin; instead there was snow, ice, granite boulders of varying size, and the 2,000ft Mt. Proboscis — the reason we were here. Continue reading